This page compiles the various pieces of software I have released for general use. Most of these are R packages.

nicksshorts: A collection of convenience functions.
A collection of graphing and data-manipulation functions that I happen to find useful.

causaldata: Example data sets from causal inference textbooks. causaldata on CRAN. causaldata on PyPI
This package, which is available for R, Stata, and Python, offers example data sets that appear in code examples in causal inference textbooks.

TheEffectStyle: A repository of ways to modify the msmbstyle Rmarkdown book format to get what The Effect has.

Magnified IV (MagnifiedIV for R on GitHub) (MagnifiedIV for Stata on GitHub)
These packages help to run the super-local-average-treatment-effect identifying estimators described in “Instruments with Heterogeneous Effects: Bias, Monotonicity, and Localness.” (2019). CSUF Department of Economics Working Paper 2019/006.

suncorr: A visualization tool to create ‘sun and moon’ visualizations of correlation matrices
Sun and moon correlations offer a new way to visualize correlation matrices, by positioning each variable radially as a ‘sun’ in the solar system, surrounded by each of the other variables in the same order, with correlation direction and size given by color and moon size.

vtable: A Quick and Easy Variable Browser for R. vtable on CRAN
This is an R package for the purpose of viewing information about data while working on it. vtable() automatically generates and displays a table of information about the variables in a data set, including name, class, range, labels, and summary statistics.

did: A Stata package for running the Callaway and Sant’Anna R package did. NO LONGER SUPPORTED
This package offers a Stata-syntax way of using the Callaway and Sant’Anna (2020) estimator for estimating difference-in-differences with staggered treatment timing. It calls the R package did written by Callaway and Sant’Anna.

SafeGraphR: An R package for reading and processing SafeGraph data NO LONGER SUPPORTED
This package is for the purpose of working with SafeGraph data. It provides functions that make it easy to read in the data, process it, normalize it, and present it.

MLRtime: A Stata package for running Machine Learning commands in R NO LONGER SUPPORTED
Stata does not have native methods for most machine learning techniques. However, R has many. This package offers a portal through which Stata users can run several common machine learning commands in R, using mostly-Stata syntax, and returning results to Stata where they can be further worked with in Stata.

pmdplyr: Panel Maneuvers in dplyr - An R package for cleaning and manipulating panel and hierarchical data. pmdplyr on CRAN NO LONGER SUPPORTED
pmdplyr is an R package for the purpose of manipulating panel data. It introduces a flexible panel data object, the pibble, and functions that respect the panel structure of the pibble. All pmdplyr packages work with hierarchical data, or in other contexts where there is more than one observation per individual/time period.

CVRoller: A Python Program Designed to Automatically Generate and Update CVs NO LONGER SUPPORTED
This is a general-purpose automatic document generation language tuned specifically towards the generation of academic CVs. Multiple different CV variants can be updated at once from centrally updated CV data. CVRoller allows CV generation in HTML, PDF, and Markdown formats, and was used to make the website you are reading right now.